I went to a steakhouse with my father… he REALLY wanted his prime rib and getting annoyed being stuck at the house other than going to his doctor appointments…. I had a turkey diner special while my father went with prime rib again because that is his favorite. Can’t blame him for liking for what he likes. It was pretty uneventful other than good food and getting full before getting my main course (my stomach gotten smaller from my current diet). 

However I haven’t gone anywhere for BLACK FRIDAY… or how I like to call it… FRIDAY OF MADNESS… I avoid going to stores because there will be fighting over stores (I know this is very common in East coast and mid USA and South west… but not so much in Arizona (that I known of so far). United States is filled with people wanting things to extreme levels… regardless of the reasoning I prefer to not be in such of a environment and having a introvert personalty in large groups or stores as such issues can occur. I know in other countries that do black Friday take measures to keep the environment calm and straight forward keeping the crowds in line (but yet being kind to offer snacks and water for those that want it. If you want to be rude you don’t get to go inside. Granted people’s tensions are always high in the united states… the middle class and poor are almost indistinguishable from each other in the matter of income and supply of funds…. Such entertainment has seemed as a only way to have status in middle class… the better house… the better equipment… Its pretty sad thinking about it.

There is a good time to get any experiences others had… maybe other states/cities take measures to make such horrible environment to be reduced? go ahead and share your thanksgiving and black Friday experiences in the comment box below!