well our landlord placed a note on the fridge of the house that if we (all the tenants) can’t pick after ourselves then she will be adding to the rent. 

granted I haven’t been prefect in that but when I am asked I man up to it. and clean up because it was late and I get in a grumpy mood making stupid pancakes… well in the last few years pancakes have been the main thing we eat if we get low on funds to pay for food. I am forced (well I can chose not too but that just opens up a can of rage directed at me I don’t need so out of mental health I go ahead with it.) Normally the pans are not cleaned all the way or they are scraped with metal that their non-stick surface is damaged this makes pancakes very HORRIBLE to make and VERY hard to clean up (I spend an extra hour on one PAN to make it clean again and that isn’t perfect and thats the problem).

granted I am more than happy to take out the trash when I am free but since I avoid placing trash in the bin I don’t know its filled til someone else takes it out. I also have to handle many things with my father which I am not going to get into that. From being asked to stay up to keep my father awake and then complains I am sleeping too long (because he keeps AWAKING ME UP!)… Alas this isn’t my worries right now.

Not long ago the landlords step son moved out and it would seem that be better but she been dealing with her husbands growing medical issues and that has to be a strain. In the last week he went to the emergency room about 5 times which is highly concerning so seeing junk in the kitchen and clean it up doesn’t add to the mood. I avoid leaving junk but in the middle in the night you will miss things and my mindset cleaning isn’t a “good” thing as I always link it to emotional negatives that happened in my life. Always… ALWAYS had to clean.. everything had to be prefect because guests where coming over. Its the mentality that doing dishes or such that makes me irritated because it was always rushed or over done and wasteful in efficacy.

In my past it wasn’t every hour (except when guests coming over) It was also every other day. lacking the stuff to make a reasonable mess… It was meant to pass time to keep us busy when we where young. Thinking about it only brings up more questions than answers for me. I will get over it but writing this makes me thinking more about myself.