Something that I wish that those who see this understand where I am coming from. Taking a opinion or a stance of any facts, opinions and such… When you feel that you must scream your movement to the heavens that your right and be damned for others around you.

That get Offended so easily over matters that should be old news or demand revenge or compensation for the actions of other generations before or not even effected them directly. Who dispute like spoiled children that should be directed not at the people but the officials that govern.

I despise people like this, like times where people where called RACIST for not rallying together in a library stopping people from doing their own thing and HARASSING them for not taking action in a movement they are far past passionate about.

As a species we have allowed a trait to grow that causing problems. Where respectable people who would do things for everyone and fixing the right where is wrong is criticized for not doing some special condition to appease a small group that screams too loud at those in a bully mindset.

No one that outside this likes it when you yell at them. I forsee a strong majority calling a end to disruption to operation in honest and fair operations over trivial things.