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Rules of the Server

  1. Have Respect for your fellow player, If they are a problem use votekick
  2. Full Admins have all right to kick you for whatever reason (they generally play nice)
  3. Excessive Swearing isn’t allowed… adding extra doesn’t make you any more right or justified
  4. No Soundeffects/music/trolling on voice
  5. Begging for admin will ensure you never get it.
  6. Spamming or promoting other servers/websites/offers is not allowed outside our network.
  7. Good Luck, Have fun

Tips for informing admins of rulebreakers

  1. Use the Print screen button to take a photo or if you got a recording software record it
  2. login to (general board is ok) or e-mail [email protected] with proof and explain the problem
  3. make sure to not modify the screen caps… or we will consider the proof false and will iqnore it.
  4. It may take a few days pending how much mails or work I have.
  5. Don’t abuse or provoke the rulebreaker… If you kindly tell them to stop and they refuse to follow the rules then contact EthanPow directly if you have contact.