The sane don’t think about being sane… but the insane will think they are sane but do insane things. Its not a funny thing when looking at it, horrible…

He wrote something to the effect of: “Other people think I’m crazy, but I’m not. I’m the sane one,” the official said. The writings recovered at the shooting scene were a couple of pages long. – abcnews article

rejection is horrible and people try so hard or too little to find someone and it can cause problems if they can’t find peace or balance. What if this shooter had a hot friend that helped him out… they where good friends that helped each other out. Yet it wasn’t the case… He became a victim of knocked down individually til he had no hope left… turning into a murderer. Honestly I don’t feel pity for him… but people he harmed… shouldn’t have been.

There is forgiveness from some victims while others unable to make their voices heard. Yet, will this stop similar issues to happen again… I doubt it… because people are still horrible to each other. Yet gun control laws need to look into without violating the rights of the citizens. People seek their prefect someone than the one that will make their life better. Many out there are bullied by the opposite sex… If the only answer is “man up” or “stop whining”… The idea there more fish in the sea yet there always more people out there that really think of personal gain than sacrifice such to find true happiness. People might say it, but it more so sad that such people that give out those words don’t follow with their actions granted no one is perfect.

Self diagnostic of the problems around them becomes selfish and not accurate to the views of those around them and act on belief their diagnostic is correct and others around them are horrible and should be harmed. No sane person should think killing is the answer. they would seek other answers… seek help where its needed. Mentally you can’t really understand yourself if killing is the only choice you have. 

The only thing I can really ask you, the reader, to do is to help those around you… encourage them and even if they are weird… help them become part of Society before they act against it because someone or some group has wronged them again and again. Then something like this won’t happen again without our local areas. Lets stop harm than give harm.