Granted this may change but I feel like I must speak my mind. A few days ago when I made the recent Dragon list… I make a post on all social media and take precaution in avoiding spamming… to my knowledge I wasn’t breaking any rules as a few months ago I wasn’t banned before. I recieve a message just after I place the message, saying “You have been shadowbanned please contact reddit…” and I did citing that I never got a warning and it seemed out of the blue. I was following the rules of the subreddit. 

Honestly if I am going to take my time to make an article and promote artists and I link that Once on reddit or any social media once in a great while (once a week is my last set) I shouldn’t be banned for that. Just because the links I was making was to “” was breaking some rules when at the time I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Now I am aware and to my knowledge (I could be mistaken) I am no longer shadowbanned. Why didn’t they add some warning in or something. My posts are generally going to link back to my site. 

Now I can see their side but I look back at my side as a reminder they should have WARNED before going all gun-ho on shadow banning me once I just got back on reddit again. It could have been handled much better if they said “hey, I noticed you haven’t posted in some time but your breaking reddit standards.” or some shit linking to the rules… I would apologise and maybe even removed the link if I was in fact breaking the rules but damn instanta ban. Maybe not everyone is a friggen bot and maybe I would be a decent person and not get angry. 

maybe its me or its the feeling they are being so high and might that gets my goose.