Before we started looking at details, we wanted to firmly fix the goal of the design for capitals

  • Provide interactive, meaningful, gameplay.

  • Obtaining and mastering capital ships, as well as fighting and destroying them, should be a compelling aspirational goal for players.

  • Capital ships are the premier weapon for killing structures.

  • Capital ships should be effective in most combat situations without completely dominating the battlefield and without invalidating other ship types.

Ok CCP or should I say Team Five o… over the years Capitals have been nerfed and honestly I am sick of it. I better hope you done some work with capitals that make them better than having their abilities retricted. Capitals are ment to kill structures and small gangs (fighters and carriers) and I enjoyed being in a capital for ages then you took my ability to share fighters and still pretty sausey about that.


Time to reimagine and clarify capital roles. Currently, players choosing ‘My First Capital’ almost always chose a Carrier. They provide more utility than a Dreadnought through the use of fleet hangars, ship hangars, damage, and repair abilities.

We are going to level the playing field.

All capitals will now get:

  • Fleet Hangars
  • Ship Hangars
  • The ability to provide refitting abilities to their fleet-mates

We want both Dreadnoughts and Carriers to be a valid choice for ‘My First Capital’. We’re going to split off the remote repair role from the Carrier and instead they will focus on fighters and support abilities.

Their repair role will go to a brand new set of capital ships.

Ok…. but this makes more sense if only carriers have this ability because they are CARRIERS they carry shit. They lanuch fighters and kill stuff. If dreadnoughts get this then they should be much smaller than carriers… 

Force Auxiliary Capitals

Four brand new massive internet spaceships! Force Auxiliary Capitals will take over the remote repair role from Carriers. They will be the only class able to fit the Triage module and the only capital class with bonuses to remote repair modules. They will have limited combat abilities of their own, being unable to fit any guns or launchers. However, we will be giving them a drone bay for self defense. They will never be the damage dealers of the fleet, but instead, they will become the new logistics backbone.

Force Auxiliary Capitals will also have Fleet hangars Ship hangars, and refitting abilities to all their fleet mates like any other capital.

We understand that a lot of capsulers purchased their carrier as a logistics platform. We don’t have defined plans for a transition between existing Carriers to the new Force Auxiliaries, but I can assure you it is on our radar, and we’ll be announcing the transition plan with plenty of time for everyone to get ready.

Honestly carriers filled this role just fine… since there isn’t enough DPS for a carrier to be set to its own role and remove the logi boosts… the carrier was the capital logisitics… I am not against it as long as carriers/super carriers get a reasonable DPS buff.

after this they pretty much want to do the following:

  • Effective capital repair will only be for triage ships… IE force Auxiliary… which making carriers less effective with the modules but using logi drones still pretty ok.
  • Unable to Refit while having a weapons timer… which I believe this is a good idea because this will make battles less counterable and loses will grow.. more kills more people need to get new ships.
  • warfare immunity isn’t 100%… there will be resistance stat to make such actions be harder to make. I feel this might be a bad idea as its just as easy taking down a capital with neuts. 
  • EHP will be leveled out slightly as it skyrockets into supercapitals
  • Capital sized modules and anti sub cap guns/launchers for capitals but making capital grade guns unable to hit small targets 

Ok, liking this stuff so far. I hope that fighters aren’t effected too much.


The carriers of the Citadel Expansion will launch squadrons, made of up to 12 fighters of the same type.

These squadrons act as a singular unit. Carrier pilots give orders to an entire squadron. You lock an entire squadron as one unit, except instead of Shields, Armor and Hull, the number of fighters remaining in that squadron are shown.

Carriers & Super-Carriers will launch up to 5 separate squadrons at a time. We are intending on introducing 3 classes of fighters, these will replace all existing fighters and fighter-bombers.

Light Fighters Optimized for anti-Fighter combat and light damage roles
Support Fighters Optimized for Electronic Warfare tasks including (but not limited to) Stasis Webifiers, Warp Disruptors, Neutralizing, Tracking Disrupting, etc.
Heavy Fighters Optimized for launching waves of bombs or torpedoes, able to do tremendous damage to capitals and structures.

The number and types of squadrons a carrier or super-carrier can launch will be limited.

Management of fighters ready on the launch decks will be an important consideration for carrier pilots. It takes time to swap one squadron of ready fighters out for another, or re-arm your Heavy Fighter Torpedo squadrons.

So fighters will be a ammo for squadrons… indenpant health of the ships will not be shown completely… Its awesome that we will be able to use 60 fighters at once in groups of 12…. what does this mean for drone control units? will fighters be smaller than 5k m3? will carriers and supercarriers have a higher DPS? Will there be a logi support fighter? 

Then I can ask will be fighters be able to warp? NO they will not… which SUCKS! I missed having fighters to warp on my fleeing enemy and maybe kill them before they get away. Also it seems fighters will be limited on grid… which having the share fighters ability removed seems to annoy me bit more. I just hope that this makes ratting with carriers more effective than any battleship and even dreadnought.

Though the UI they are planning is pretty sick and I look forward to it plus new fighter types and abilities (warp/web fighters and such) will make things interesting. Heavy fighters which most likely be super carrier only. I just hope that this will make supers more wanted to be used on the battlefield and useful when ratting.

But lets go away from that and look at some new things they have planned for doomsday devices… let me show you this:

I LOVE that… though most people going to whine and bitch about it… in comparsion to the old DD… if you move fast enough you will avoid the deathbeam which is fair. I honestly wonder what the other titans DD be like. I hope there the remote DD allowed… but that would be overkill. 

I can’t wait to see if this makes things more ‘interesting’ for capitals… what was I mad about… I forget… that shiny deathbeam-of-killing-all-things made my day.