I Just watched two videos and made me think a few things. In Source 1, asking if mario is evil even I could say out of my own opinion he can be either (which GameTheory has covered themselves) it bought me to think of my own stance of good or evil. Lets go ahead and in the second video they had a Experiment:

Experiment 1) there is a set of tracks with a switch near you… a Trolley is coming down out of control (no idea who in the Trolley but for Argument shake its empty and lost control.) the set of tracks has people tied or unconscious… no real time to think of it but your completely aware and able to pull the switch to change the trolley to another with on the main track (no changing the switch) has five and the other (if the switch is changed) one person is on it… you only get to choose once and no change can be made.

A) I would have under the limitations would take the logical choice and save the majority. If all people were similar age and health and I have no time to react or derail or move the bodies to save all of them. However if I noticed that the people in the main where sign of poor health and they might be already dead or passed but the single looked alive I wouldn’t pull the switch as I should have enough time to at least notice that (if they are close enough to identify).

Experiment 2) this time there is no switch and only 1 set of tracks… there is a very heavy person in position that you could push to save the trolley but if you do you kill the heavy person in the process.

A) under the limitations, I couldn’t do anything… as this isn’t my own judgement of the people on the track but I dunno if that person is aware of the situation. I am not going to use a life to save lives… However its their choice to see them.

And that is the 2 experiments I am aware and I thought deer into this. Like what if this bridge had car traffic? Is there trees… If there was people on the trolley… so on… Normally I stay neutral in the matters because it may not work… I will get arrested or I will get myself killed and not save the people on the track. Honestly thinking about it and worry about your actions to see if they are evil normally shows how someone is… huh…

all I can say is look at the videos and think about it…