I come on deviantart, facebook, twitter and many other social media and once in a great while there is a post or message how someone is leaving their childhood behind for one reason or another.

Why? whats so important that you must remove everything that made you who you are in your childhood (granted if its cludder and more of a hording problem then I get that.) just because they want to be an adult. The only things that make you diffirent from you and your younger self is physical, experiance and Responibility. Being a fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Transformers, Teenage Muntant Ninja Turles and others shouldn’t be completely shun’ed from your life or the life of others. Adults are just children that are older, making labels just to fit in are horrible excuses or mistakes only aim to make yourself worse. 

Another reason why this bugs me is normally family members of a person will be on their deathbed and selfishly demand or resquest someone to change greatly or join a religion that really doesn’t fit their personalty or life style. advice is one thing but saying they need to “change” for them so they can make them “proud” is like there is a standard to be human… which there isn’t. If the changes are not for the safetly of others or themselves (like they have violent tendences) then I feel letting them be who they are and allow them to grow as indiviuals with limited interfence as possible. Any Demands or punishment must be resonable and understandable or you make yourself a monster to others and your child.

Just take part of your child’s interests… Things will always be weird, things will not be understoud, but your child is your child and they should be able to be as they are. Even you are still a kid even old… you just know more and live more to have a chance to understand your life better but everything can be incorrect or strange that needs to be learnt again. We Adapt, We Grow and We Enjoy the time we have together.