unfortunately he has a point but only because the track record so far… granted we have too many people on Welfare that are able to be stable without it. There are still those that are unable to make a stable stance.
Now Bible stating how people shouldn’t eat when they don’t work… is still barbaric as not every one can acquire a job of the stance how the job market is. This is why Illegal Immigration is a hot topic still as many Americans that where born in the united states suffer for it even if they have the skills and the knowledge they still at risk of losing everything they built up for. Ensuring employers pay legal wages plus cost of living isn’t insane but more of a stable area without in a area that is shady.
Its one of those moments where people can’t see or feel from the position of those in welfare. Those with money and assume just because it was easy or lucky for them doesn’t mean everyone going to have the same success as them. If they did, It wouldn’t solve the problem It would just open up a new can or problems that would cause similar complaints.
If the welfare rules where stricter and enforced by moderators to ensure those that can’t work or survive without help keep getting help and those that can work are not supported or limited. If we do that then there be far less people on welfare that don’t deserve it.