I Just saw a video on therichest.com youtube channel becaues I saw the most interestings things you see in dubai than you would anywhere else.

Understanding people in the world make less than 24,000 USD a year is common place for many people… there are some that can live with that amount of money without any issues while others are suffering and struggling to stay afloat. Granted people that can have more than a million net worth and handle it are normally considered rich by others below their income bracket. These people are just upper middle class, and I personally have talked to people in this level and even their life isn’t all luxury sweet candy and walking on sunshine, their position of income is always at risk if their job or market they invested in goes sour.

Now, if you look at people with a net worth of 10mil-99mil then they have these luxuries sometimes to often… matters on how often they want or need it. Its ultimately their choice and Envious of those not granted such, really their not fault (well generally, there been exceptions to this) that you or someone you know is poor position. They most likely don’t share such because of those that keep begging them for help, and being annoyed about helping others again and again can place some understanding why people of this level have an iron Guntlet to their money or thats how they where taught how to manage their own funds. Wise use of money can normally grant more money later in life. 

Then you look from the lower levels and have a bit of disgust at how wasteful money is used and how many people could be maintained. Granted myself can’t promise I would always been helpful but I would try new ways to be a larger effect on a large population than a single individual. Its not always easy because people are normally spiteful of success or luck even if its gain fairly or not. Humans are very complated in handling others of their own species. The status quo will always stay in that way til we start a new foundation of living. Even if everyone got everything equally… it wouldn’t be truly fair for everyone.

I will just end saying this, If you make more or have more, try and share more with those that may not have a chance to stand well. We are all made of the same even if minor things differ. Yet greed of small or big, Envious isn’t the answer for those that are not so fortunate. Just keep that in mind.