after playing for an hour of I noticed something… how you play matters… think about it… normally hostile action can be met with with more action againist you. Making friends and not eating very small or smaller players can work in your favor. Granted you might not maintain rank 1 but I found out that if you play passively unless players act aggressive to you which for my game I was playing “son” became my enemy. 

If you give up eating players you have to find a way to gain large amount of mass right? which is simple… its something I call “Immunity”… you know of those green spiky balls (also referred as Viruses) that make you split when you eat them… well they also provide a lot of mass for you and if they are grouped together and you get into “Immunity” when you can’t split any further BUT when you get too far from players that can eat you. If you keep eating viruses in “Immunity” you gain more mass for the balls in your group large enough to still eat them… so you will need to be near a cluster of them because when you reform you lose “immunity” and will split again making the larger ball of mass being split and unable to grab more mass for itself or the group… I’d advise to make sure you have over 600 mass already before you do this… so you will have atleast one ball of mass with enough size to keep eating more.

but be warned if your too close to a large enough player, you can lose instantly… so its a risky trick but can be worth it in the end.

If you where also working in a team, pick up enough mass from the Viruses my smaller balls that where at risk could be picked up by a allie and mass transferred back to you. Also it helps having allies that understand what you are doing you can become large and top of the leaderboard very quickly. Keep this in mind when your playing