Oh sweet mother… That building is pretty nerdtastic if I say so myself. A company in China built their HQ modeled after Enterprise NCC-1701-E I believe in the Next Generation Movie(s) Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek NemesisThe idea of the building was thought to be a joke and not being taken seriously but clearly after getting the legal documets it was pretty awesome to see that Star Trek will still live on even if the show stops forever (but we all know it wont… too many fans would take the torch to get the series started again). Why isn’t there a series that follows a klingon crew and their quest for honor and find glory in the interesting of places. 

Wishing aside, It isn’t a serprise that china getting nice things like this as they keep getting more billionaires again and again. If only we got more people in the United states making awesome things like this… well there is that millennium falcon building…


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