hello everyone, Ethan Here and as always I got something to talk about… 

Electric Cars… I love the idea but I get nothing but shit from people about using Electric cars, normally these are from people that heard from other people that they suck or harm the environment… and we are better off not using them because in mass we would not have enough energy to power these cars. Granted some points do make some sense but I am very skeptical because I hear these from people self proclaimed grease-monkeys or motor car enthusiasts. Something not right here…

I am going to do some Research here and hope I can clear up a few things…. I will source my findings on the bottom so you can check them yourself. 

(1) “The study, conducted by Abt Associates for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), took a look at the materials and processes within a lithium-ion battery’s life cycle in hopes of discovering impacts on public health and the environment. It used data directly from lithium-ion battery suppliers, manufacturers and recyclers for research. – See more at: http://www.dailytech.com/Study+LithiumIon+Batteries+Can+Impact+Environment+Health+Negatively/article31678.htm#sthash.Dv6H1A9U.dpuf” ok, I saw this and instantly chuckled… They are sourcing themselves for this and not the details of these tests instantly in the which can be located here (2) and I see that it states that the Environment factors for charging the battery is dependent on the location of the charging and the components. Saying that majority of this energy being dependant on these types of power plants is pretty ignorant statement in my eyes. Just think about it… We have more sources of energy now a days than coil, oil, nuclear and such that we can in fact get power more-so from Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind, and Thermal locations that its possible to assume that more electric cars doesn’t mean more power from these sources. Hell Phoenix Arizona (3) has many solar farms within the city limits should be a main source of energy here, able to produce about 3,101 GWh of Generation in 2014 which is the total of 2.8% and its growing each year I assume we will have 30.5% of our energy needs covered in Arizona by 2021. With other states like Oregon that use hydro electric dam and new power Reclamation with its new water pipe power generators LucidPipe (4) which will power to power approximately 150 homes from a single unit. Over time that will be a standard in cities all over the world… Less dependence on coal, oil and other harmful power generation directions. In time when more people have bought electric cars and its become the society standard of vehicle type all energy and environment concerns will be fixed and seems to be a issue that seems to be past look and not future looking as we (as humans) keep producing new technology and with the focus on environment we will get further into improving our world than destroying. Why is this still a problem? Maybe some people don’t want people to 

Next Safety, Now I have a prefect defense to this… gasoline cars burst into flames more often than a Tesla Model S will in decade… So far I see 4 records of fires vs (4) “gasoline car fires? About 200,000 of those occur per year in the U.S. alone” (5)(6) So not much else to say atleast for Tesla cars… NOW on the otherhand… I don’t know other companies well enough to have a basis on them. (7) BMW i3, Fiat500e, Chevrolet Spark, Kia Soul EV and many more pure electric cars and I can’t really find any records of fires on… maybe I will find one over years of operations but gas cars will always be the king of fire. The Negative on safety for Model S is that it can really move if you let it… and some people can’t be trusted with such power… I do forsee some crashes go up for a moment when tesla cars become more of a standard.

“Electric cars such unmanly cars, get a Truck!” So sexist arent you… granted a electric car may not be the same as a truck but there are very powerful and able electric trucks out there like this one:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAtRdDJ8MYE which also points out that united states started electric cars way before gas cars came into existance. “Its good for the enviroment and the country” which is true. Your not going to lose balls just changing from gas… hell you might get more healthy from it. Unless your a die hard machianic I don’t see you losing anything from chaning over to electric.

in the end, Electric cars arent as bad what people think. I think its time for people to stop taking what they hear for face value and do some real research themselves. Not all data is accurate or sources so true as the end you need to find the answer for youself and I hope that my article was helpful and sourceful to get the details to increase your chances to consider electric or even alternative fuel that better for the enviroment and your wallet.

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