I do find this show having some humor but how its built I don’t see myself recommending it. From the universe reset after each episode which limits story arcs and development over episodes or episodes that call back to younger episodes (ok that is a positive) It makes me frown how this show could have been better. A Diamond in the rough just becomes a rough in the rough.

 let me start with the positives… Sonic doesn’t seem too full of himself and seems more down to earth with his character vs is other universes like Sonic X. Eggman is similar to the sonic x series because he has a positive side to his chaos very stereotypical silly villain. Sticks is … interesting and adds a mix to the characters out there. Amy is clearly more of a character than just seeking a relationship with sonic and acts more mature individual than previous reincarnations. Their redesigns though angered or annoyed fans I found refreshing… But after all of that, it shows that this series blows.

Is this a bad show? its not bad as in the fact like some modern sponge-bob but it really took direction that made it make it salty. Knuckles is far too stupid, this bugs me as this meat head stereotype is shown way too often in this show. He always forgot very simple things like left from right. The older generations he was more hot headed, not stupid but his anger made him do stupid things or make things more difficult. Like when knuckles makes himself suffer to make himself lucky again… I found this very hard to watch. I found knuckles to be more noble and stubborn than thinking luck is all he needed to beat sonic. I don’t mean Knuckles needs to have a PhD in applied physics but be interesting. Him being aware of his intelligence and trying to improve himself in that field would make me less bitter of this show.


Story arcs would be better for this show, I know its aimed for kids but I know for a fact children are far more intelligent than we make them out to be. Adding some well placed story elements would not be bad, but since they made the global universe reset statement its clear that Season 2 not going to be any better (if any season 2).

Sonic Franchise doesn’t get the right direction it should… Hell a sonic game that wasn’t rushed would blow so many people’s minds that honestly would be a REQUIRED action… make a game that takes 4 years (or more) to make not 1 year or less. A lot of people get shit when they tried to tell the brain dead executives that it was still need more work. I feel sorry for the staff that had to deal with a lot of shit trying to make a seriously amazing game. Yes, I am talking about the game now but tell me any sonic 3D games where they really did a good job and not rush it? (I hear colors is good but honestly why didn’t they do a good job for sonic 06….)

Now I think its in their minds that rushing it good for business as they will get sales and having shitty games out gets them more money.