anything that starts as a game or a animated series doesn’t look good when it becomes a like action… Mario bros is another example of this… Its because it makes a sense of awkwardness when watching… because generally animate characters work more in a prefect looking world… not many people have noticeable differences unless its on propose for silly and crazy individuals and events. I really hate live action shows and movies normally but doesn’t mean I hate movies instantly. I prefer animation for its shenanigans it will do without always being stupid all the time or serious ones like Ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex.


Now saying if this was made in the west it would be HORRIBLE comes off as nationalist attitude that one group of people can’t produce good content when the “west” has taken animated or comic book heroes and make it look good… granted there a lot of bad examples but a few amazing ones like Avengers… which was amazing work making use the people they chosen can fit the characters on the outside and inside. Hell maybe the “west” could do so much better with this series… shooting it down because of personal interest seems very ignorant… what happened to don’t judge a book by its cover or better yet judge a movie by a single clip. If you didn’t care for Phoenix Wright series to begin with then not wanting to watch it is completely understandable, but stating it sucks because its based on a anime or animation is in all proposes horrible stance to have.

this clip shows Its awkward but I find this movie based on this is very interesting… and I am considering watching it because of this clip. Much more emotion is in this clip than some movies I see get released. I am just tried of this “West will make this worse” because yes they COULD make it worse doesn’t mean they are unable to make it shine very bright. Hell any studio of any nation can make a good remake of animated series or game if they have the right people and resources.