Every time I see a post and people blame those for religious reasons, makes me frown on those that do it. Its a shame game… yes I am an atheist but how I view myself and others people think I am not. Just because I come to conclusion of my position of the existence of god only because I came to that over my life and others I have seen/talked too. 

Does that make me a less moralistic person? no, should other people be blamed for their belief?, no… Because I might not like a religion for their teachings people have perfectly reasons to be there… It only matters when someone becomes a extremist or shaming others. Its one to have and opinion but going out and making someone feel like their scum or killed for their belief is horrible.

At this point I ask any reader that is offended easily I do ask to stop reading now

After watching and reading about a Muslim couple and a relative got shot and killed… I was angry at this. People have gotten so paranoid over others that they think the right thing is to go out and kill anyone that is Muslim or look like a Muslim. Because Extremists have killed people because those Extremists have crossed the line and people gotten so enraged they are blinded by patriotism/vengeance when they need to take a step back and get all the info before jumping the shark and do something that is just as evil.

After reading some comments, I became alarmed at a comment that someone made, “He is an atheist” on tumblr link… Granted, there are a lot of assholes in atheist circle that I hate but none the less I won’t change my faith/belief/choice because someone with similar views goes out of their way to be a jackass. I can’t speak for every atheist just as every theist can’t for every single theist out there. People can be such monsters but there are those out there that do great things and if they are motivated to do better things for all in the community they live it is a quality I am not going to discourage anytime soon.

But that doesn’t mean people should point fingers and give the impression that that group is horrible because they have someone that shot someone because their group will always have a individual that goes into a extremist mode. The “I am right and god is my proof” comes from all sides even the atheist side belittling just like everyone else. 

But the root of the problem comes closer to other alarming things I always see on the internet… people saying they want to make bloodshed because of a movie or article they see…. doesn’t hate, breed more hate… targeting a Muslim faith as a whole isn’t right… not every single one of them are going to do something and claiming they are is outright ignorance. We as Humans… because that is the similarity that no one can deny… need to stop fighting each other. Forcing ones faith on another violence or not just pushes others into the corner which will lash out at anything… Sometimes you have more in common with people you thought where your enemy. 


TL;DR: Forcing your views or killing because of your views is a ancient and barbaric thing to do. We are capable of intelligent and great things which we use to improve ourselves. Don’t blame others or shame them because of their beliefs… unless they harm someone of said beliefs… we need to be understanding and willing to listen so we can do more for each other.