Its been some time since I heard about gearbox acquiring homeworld IP and to be honest… I wish I could buy it right now. This game is a nostalgia trip for me as I played like years of this game with family… even go so far as to play a large scale game which took longer than normal as we got constant money on carrier only mode in homeworld 1 on lan. Believe me, it was worth every moment. I shouldn’t need to tell you how much this game means to me… and no other game has made a spiritual successor and I mean like the same command style it gives… I normally see 2d space combat games being made. A RTS like homeworld been demanded from fans for a decade at least. The complex mod made it… well very detailed complex gameplay to the already solid RTS basis that homeworld had.  I feared this game would have been forgotten and the fanbase would have been placed on deaf ears but when the IP was up for auction… It made me interested how this would turn out… I am not disappointed.