Its sad really when a company fails to learn to keep their security of sensitive data protected and when they got hit hard for the second time this month alone (1) when this isn’t the first or second time this has happened. A few years ago sony’s marketplace was hacked which prompted users to reset its data. The movie “The Interview” being taken down from theaters to be assumed that North Korea is behind or supporting groups are taking part in cyber terrorism in order to take the movie down. 

But my main issue is that a japanese technology company sony… a roughly 129 Billion USD (2) total assets company should be able to keep their online security under raps. Its one thing that a small website with little or no protection gets taken down but a large and critical website constantly raped because the home security system was a baseball bat, there is no excuse for this… they had time and money to hire advisors on getting their system in place. Executives required to understand the importance of passwords and cyber security. I really like the playstation and hell I grew up with it but when a company gets ignorant on their ability to keep important data safe it makes me wonder how much longer will they will last. 

Now (3) on the side of “The Interview” which is the cause of this attack to sony, which 2 comedy interviewers goto north korea (by the CIA) to assassinate the dictator Kim Jong Un which anyone’s leader being killed in a movie is going to have distaste for the ones that make and are starring in the movie. So this attack isn’t a surprise as once the movie was still being firmed there was backlash from military commanders of North Korea.

Honestly, Sony is a fool for not being prepared. If they don’t get their act together… I believe that they will rot away.