I had a issue with the laptop computer which after troubleshooting it was the power jack that was damaged. I been without a computer for 5 days… I finally found a price that was good and could do it with in 2 hours… I got there he said it would take 1 hour since he just got done with another customer’s laptop. He saved me time and money because his competitors in the area would me over 80 USD (one place said 25 but he didn’t seem professional) 

Now if I counted for the time he took to repair the laptop it was about 35 mins… he was handling customers, calls and family but like a professional got it done while I was waiting. Soldering was required which is out of my expertise. He wasted no time to get my issue fixed and if I had other parts I would have him replace a few things. I recommend any phoenix resident to goto this company for repairs.