The holiday season is a normally when families get together.  Sometimes a doesn’t work out that way, and we’re left with some complications.  For me, which is that, pretty much disaster when I woke up. I remember a time when the holiday season used to be a great time.  Waking up and go to the Christmas tree with other family members around me.  Sometimes I wonder, will Christmas still be the same, will we still care for each other or will we still just apart.
We can open Christmas Day with my father calling my name to argue with me about my living condition.  Continuing on my work status, be unemployed really hurts and being reminded of that doesn’t help.  I can’t always tell being unable to get work and effort to acquire work.  Making me feel very uncomfortable and burst out in anger.  Which changed from being very angry and frustration, yelling to joy. Because we live for so long, and we should never let fear or anything else it in the way of our happiness.  We should be selfish and demand everything for ourselves.  With family members that wish to stick together and never let that pass bother them, to forgive, will make a better in healthier family.  As the idea of a holiday, is to enjoy it and cherish it.  family is close to stand together not drift apart.  
It’s not the presents or gifts, it’s the love we share.  If you’re able to still care for one not getting anything in return than you understand this holiday season.  Ultimately it’s not about giving or receiving but it’s the mutual love for each other.
Just remember that next holiday season,
Ethan pow