Over the years you start thinking what is important for you to protect yourself from future “OOPS” and keep yourself green and happy but not all of this happens when dealing with insurance companies. Soon your ensnared in a web of documents and legal mumbo jumbo that you quickly sign it and forget it or you choose to read and if your not Lieutenant Commander Data then it will be a time consuming process.

If you are not been in the stone age since you where born… You might be aware of a few Insurance companies, in United states you have “All State”, “Progressive”, “Farmers”, “Geico” and “Generic Company #342”. This means you have choices and more power as a consumer, if a company has the best price and plan for you then you can go with that company or get the same features but cheaper price form another. Which competition gives people that heroic edge that forces away the bad and brings in the good. 

1) Recommendations

When having many choices, sometimes people say anything to get you to join them. As a company you pay more in marketing than service to make more as if no one knows who you are, you won’t get customers, and you won’t get profit. Having a Friend’s recommendation of their services for a company and how long they been with the company helps and if you refer them some companies give them a bonus for getting them another customer… So its a win-win but if your friend just started using them or they work for a marketing company then it be best not to follow their recommendation.

2) Bullshit filtering

Once you got a selection of companies to go with then its a perfect time to talk to them directly, this time don’t sign with them quickly but talk to a person face to face. At this point they are going to try to use any tactic they have to get you with them. Some of them will even bring a manager to see to give you a better deal. If you scratch my back and I will scratch yours… Bewarned, as you must at least read the contract or details “Its too good to be true” is important to remember.

3) Final choice

Once you atleast talked to all the options and went though the details as best as you can. Based on how they where acting (body language as well) to see whom was must helpful and was honest with their details. Its wise to make sure everything is golden and if you where recommended by a friend to talk to them again before heading for round two to finish the deal. If everyone still pretty good like you talked to them before you sign. Make sure no horns and red tails start appearing as the pen gets to the signing point.

By then you will be happy you took the time to research because knowing is half the battle