I been seeing this far too often on the internet even though internet allows to spread opinions far and wide with no common decency. 39% of Humans on earth have internet (source) , that is roughly about 2.8 Billion which make sense since of the booming smartphone/tablet interest over personal computers which can be considered a problem.

Granted, the avg. internet user IQ was pretty low in 2000 but it fell like a rock a few years later (in my personal opinion) as with all the memes, cat videos and stupid stunts could support this. Now some of this content is pretty entertaining to be honest but the over abundance of things people will do to be popular or make money. Which can work if you do it right… Some groups get hired by larger companies and make a living from the things they did online… I know a few groups who were independent but got bought out to merge into other projects and do other things. 

Back on topic though, don’t you hate it when someone makes fun or labels you as a bad or horrible person just because a group your in? like a fandom and you personally are a decent person that doesn’t get into people faces about your interests. You like something and you consider yourself a fan. You even consider yourself apart of a fandom because you enjoy the content others make and watch or read that like the group and regardless your stance on the “Dark Side” of the fandom your in… IE the sexualized part. Anyone that is highly against or are quick to Judge become sure everyone in said fandom is ALL alike… Thats being Prejudice against people of interests. If I had the same mentality I would say, “Since Human A murdered Human B… Then Human C is a Murderer!”  honestly that makes NO SENSE, yet people still do this when they don’t get all the info of a group and their sub-groups. Others will say, “they are just trolls.” and leave it be but I think “they are just unable to understand that people just like something they don’t… Its just asinine.”

People fans of: “Lord of the Rings”, “Supernatural”, “Lost”, “Simpsons”, “Avatar: the last airbender”, “Futurama”, “Family Guy”, “Doctor Who”, “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, “Twilight”, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and so on get this from people that don’t get the show or hate it. Now having a opinion of the show is fine but opinion of its fans in general can be tricky as you have to account for every single one that is true… and most of the time its they like the same show/project as a only thing that would be true. Maybe don’t generalize a group of people of a show you hate.

If you feel like labeling a group to be horrible make sure and remember when YOU where labeled in a bad light when you done nothing wrong. Watching a show or playing a game that friends instantly judged you and how that made you feel. If you do that your most likely not going to say anything at all, why get on the bandwagon with little or no information can crash and burn pretty quickly.

TL;DR: don’t be an ass because someone likes something you don’t.. Or its weird… just kindly say your not interested and see if the topic changes to interest you like as well.