If you have ever used facebook and have active family on facebook… It wouldn’t be long til you get invited to a flash game on facebook. Most of the time these ‘games’ are waiting simulators to try to make you pay more money to get slightly further in the game. It design is on purpose to be addictive to make you spend more money… Not like a game that so fun you want to play more. I hardly play flash games and most “Free to Play” games in general because you can’t get far by shelling out tons of money. This why I like most “Pay to Play” online games because this never in the game, like eve online… you can’t accelerate your training… you have to plan and wait til you have the skills. In the meantime you are have to use the skill you got to move on. 


Ross has a point with this as well and this isn’t just a single game issue… TOO MANY GAMES DO THIS! There was a Cafe facebook game that did the same thing… cook food that took Real life time to get things cooked and feed customers.. If you have nothing better to do then yes, then this would be perfect to pass the time. There are many games that use different factors to use the popularity of niches to feed on people to make easy money. There was a dragon training facebook game and even a app that does this, where you get an egg raise it then make it stronger… then you need a friend with an adult dragon to get a dragon but at that stage you have to wait or spend money… you can’t do anything else in between.

I mentioned eve online but your not forced to wait.. you have a choice in game to do something in the mean time. waiting for a skill to train? You can mine, do a mission or kill NPC pirates to collect their loot and bounty. When I have to wait to do anything because I need a premium currency to continue. Eve Online has Aurum “Premium currency” but as far as I seen its for cosmetic add ons, like special ship skins and such. Doesn’t give you advantage. The only way to gain a upper hand in eve online is to sell like 12 or so plexes and get a epic eve online character or keep your character and keep it going and exploit the natural opportunities.

Now, some games that do this have younger generations in its listing then over time they want to get paid out more for their efforts.. Isn’t bad but forcing players like this seems like a bad turn for a series to make. I can see like credit boost or exp boost but that should be the ONLY things that should accelerate the progress of the game. It should be avoided to allow any special equipment or weapons for money should be avoided as they make it less fun or challenging for new players to get into the game that want to spend money.

After all that is said and done, people spend thousands of dollars per person on these games to get further along… Spending that much on a game is outrageous… Now games like from EA almost always have Payable DLC and Expansions that can increase the cost overall but never have I seen a Triple A game cost over 300 USD in total… and its a issue if people play this and spend money on it… Other companies are to smell the money and try and get into the market for the easy money. Family guy and simpsons have games like this, I tried them both and gave up on them after I kept getting messages about it. Its a waste of time…

From now on, if I ever have a friend refer me to a farmville clone, I am going to send them to wurm online or eve online… because they have been enthralled in a game to suck their soul away… They need to know what a Enjoyable game is.