Now, I haven’t played the game and I assume the interest in it has died abit since other stuff is floating around now… anyway I wanted to make a response to many videos about its lore so I advise you check them out if your into lore of Five Nights at Freddies.

In the game you play a newly hired security guard (I am unsure if the game says you have a name) but you are introduced by a message left by the old security guard which you are taking his place. The odd thing is your not protecting the store from robbers exactly but the machines themselves as they like to roam the building at night. You must survive through the night, Because if you don’t they will stuff you into a costume with wires which can cause death. 

Now I have 3 Theories about this:

1) Kids where killed which prompted them to take over the animatronics to hunt down the killer that took a suit of freddy and killed them. This Theory basis on the grounds that the person that killed the kids was the old security guard… Which was caught and died which processed the golden Freddy suit that was used to killed the children and to motivate them to kill a innocent man that is guarding the place this time. The constant messages of “It’s me” is the soul of the murderer confusing the souls of the children that the harborer of their deaths was this new guard and many more before them. To ensure he is in control of them and make sure that the children love them.

2) Golden Freddy is an evil entity that seeks souls to increase its influence to take over the world… Using the souls of the children as puppets and the first guard he took over to kill the children to get more power. It took time to slowly corrupt the mind of the first guard. One of the kids that possess foxy started to break the influence on them and hit the child in order to have the place close and have golden freddy lose influence and fade away. Which this attempt failed to completely close the place. Foxy isn’t a enemy but since the voice box is broken and you watch him too much or not much at all will think something happened to the guard.

3) The animatronics have a level of sentience and since when a killer killed the kids have started acting on their own at night… when they see a light at the end of the hallways they think its the killer that is planning to do harm to other children and seek to detain the guard before he does any harm. The big bite was a glitch where the sentence and machine caused foxy to bite the child and forever forced to keep himself trapped in the treasure cove. At night he gets bored and wants in on the fun the others are having. While the others are trying to keep children safe… foxy wants to scare the guard on propose for his amusement. at 6 am the machines reset and head back to their places.

Got any Theories of your own? please make a comment below!