Have you ever hear about a new show that the sheer amount of rave people say how good it is to a point that it drains your interest of that show. I feel that way over some popular shows… mainly those on tv. Once in awhile I get interested and hope it goes on… Others I just stop watching the first episode. I do like to find things myself, even taking a drive on a movie.

 Now there needs to be come hype to make me aware of a movie or project unless its within my circle of attention. Where a follower of mine or friend on skype tells me about it. Then ya it might make me interested and I will check it out. This is something that makes me understanding why some people dislike or hate something because it been placed in their face for so long. Like attack on titan, and kill al kill animes… some new movie like teenage mutant Ninja turtles, and captain america are some extamples where the hype was so strong that I decided that I wouldn’t partake in watching them.

Sometimes if I am bored I will watch them and then I will like it or I won’t.

This is not a good thing as this means I might miss out on a movie or show I might like or enjoy but I get pushed away because hype. It makes me sad when I goto a friends house and watch a show that aired when we are kids and I don’t want to watch like “Big Bang Theory” because it makes my stomach turn because the hype it caused… when I did watch it, It was hilarious but it might have been better if I shared that experiance with my friend than watching darkwing duck again which is also good cartoon. Also I think because I know if I say I am not intereted people that take the hype too seriously and think its the “best thing ever” is questionable to me… This sometimes ends up with that person get very defensive or leaves you alone til the show blows over or the season stops.

Hype is neccessary to a projects success, because if something isn’t noticed or liked therefore it won’t grow.. If walmart didn’t get any customers do you think they would be this big… no they would die out. Hate for something also generates hype… Its the lack of attention that would kill something off. The only way to kill a hype is nothing, nothing at all.