Hello everyone, Like I said before I think its time to make another list as dragons are awesome… but I want to spread out to other mythical creatures… Lets begin with gryphons!

 Gryphon in a tree by QuicksilverCat

Gryphon in a tree by QuicksilverCat

When I started my search for epic pictures I saw this… I love sketches as they feel like a step and you use your imagination as a viewer to figure out the colors.

Royal Gryphon by HFesbra

Royal Gryphon by HFesbra

Regal enough for you little human! is it me or this gryphon very massive… like dragon sized…

Fire Gryphon by nekonotaishou

Fire Gryphon by nekonotaishou

I’d really like to see a background with this… but nonetheless is still epic by its own right.

Gryphon - Mirage by soulofwinter

Gryphon – Mirage by soulofwinter

Is it me or on the 2nd photo the gryphon looks like he is nom’ing his tail.

gryphon by madlab666

gryphon by madlab666

Interesting gryphon style and I hope you like it as well.

Gryphon Tarot - The Star by Bailiwick

Gryphon Tarot – The Star by Bailiwick

This is another one that caught my eye… I was unsure I wanted to add this one at first but looking at it again I was sure it needed to be shared!

Rust and Steam by Shadow-Wolf

Rust and Steam by Shadow-Wolf

I think this piece got me wanting to do a gryphon list on my site because I do like gryphons.

Silly Gryphon by AsheSkyler

Silly Gryphon by AsheSkyler

Oh hi thar!, I do like how the artist did this. I am pleased to find this as it makes me smile.

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