If you look at everything, bring together all the things that make these characters great… and pretty much they are both god-like in their power. superman and his boost from solar radiation makes him the human solar panel and goku have talent and saiyan genes makes these two the most conversual in a “who would fan” fan canon… honestly Death battle did a feature on this and even with their math and proof they placed together.. I feel that one of two things would happen: 

  1. Battle would go on indefinitely that the whole universe would become non-existent
  2. One would die from their own power or lack of able to take it to the next level

And I like both of these characters… They are over powered death machines. I hate the fact that each side places all this hype in their character but to be honest Goku is just a Japanese superman in ennessance. They both can die and be killed, they have been revived in some fashion and get stronger… well to a point. Math alone can’t come close to how powerful these two are really are… And in a perfectly even battlefield I would assume they both would pass out from exhaustion waaayyy before they got killed… wake up and do it again but I begin to think about this in detail and realize something. If no one else can help them… If they where completely on their own in a galaxy locked from everyone… So no one can interfere with their battle and they where both made the decision to kill each other from the get go… I find my answer to be quite surprising.

On their Personalities alone, they would in fact spar but not to kill… they would limit their power to enjoy it…. this is why they need to be gunning to kill each other.

On abilities alone, Goku has more up his sleeves than superman… which has more defensive abilities… where superman has a power source which is limited to the sun… and goku can use the energy of all life an adsorb it to get rejuvenated. Superman has super hearing, super speed and flight and survive in space, got defensive against physical and psychic. His energy makes him super strong and resilient. He can survive supernovas (which I doubt since I would assume a villain and heroes can get overconfident of their power)… Goku survived attacks that would destroy planets, stars and “gods” that could make a supernova look like childs play.

On tactics alone, Goku is talented and superman had practice… Goku can get away from superman by locking on the life force of another planet and instant transmission himself there… as far as I know superman can’t detect someone at far distances. He would get away if he was sure he was going to lose and since this battle is where none of his loved ones or people would be harmed he would fall back to another planet (and since he can detect superman) and return to cause damage. Superman does need to sleep and rest to keep himself healthy so over constant attacks… He would die… but if he caught goku off guard or he instant transmissions into a star he would win.

What is Kai? Kai (also spelt Ki) is the energy that is used to fight… you need kai to transform and use energy attacks. Superman uses radiation to power up and stay alive in battle. If superman was too far from a sun he has no energy… Since this isn’t in the category of “magic” it has no special effect than the normal energy beam so has no extra damage to superman.

Since this galaxy is a even battlefield… including or excluding kryptonite wouldn’t matter since it would allow goku to win sooner or to have a safe haven from superman. Granting him able to fight back. 

So taking into account of this BOTH of them can WIN or LOSE based on conditional outcomes

Goku will win IF:

  1. Super Saiyan God mode is activated… Which makes him more powerful than superman even using his gigaton punch
  2. Weakening superman by fleeing to another solar system recharging and returning when refreshed to return to keep on the pressure
  3. Kryptonite region (since they have to kill each other) superman would be a normal human and killed on the point
  4. Superman is sent to a planet with a star that weakens him or in the void of space.

Superman will win IF:

  1. gigaton punch goku head on… which can make any planet like stick of butter
  2. Goku is unwilling to flee to rejuvenate himself
  3. Goku instant transmission into the sun without god transformation in effect.
  4. Superman cuts gokus neck off… which can happen if goku is weakened

Neither would win IF:

  1. Neither of them are willing to kill each other, (their personalities would support this outcome)
  2. they keep fighting mindlessly til they both die from exhaustion
  3. get sucked into a blackhole… honestly the gravity should crush them both if they focus on killing each other.
  4. No solar systems left to use as a battlefield as all stars have been blown up.


So there you go, who ever you like the most you can choose the outcome and be happy that the outcome is completely possible… if the conditions are right then anything can happen as their power even known can be unpredictable. Which makes it almost impossible to be 100% sure who would win. If Goku and superman where in the same universe… then its possible they would be allies than rivals. So rejoice! your right, goku fan is right, superman fan is right… everyone is right as no one can be wrong….. Good? good now we can stop having flame wars about this because its utterly pointless because there are far worse issues to worry about… like if you should have another cup of beer.

What are your thoughts on this? who is your favorite character in the superman or dragonball universe? please leave a comment below! But so HELP ME THE FIRST PERSON TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS ARTICLE SHOULD BE THROWN IN THE FUNGEON FOR 1,000 years!