Scaley creatures which can scale to tiny as a hand to massive as a mountain! Lets begin WEEK FIVE! as a added twist I will include links to other pieces the artist has done so they get additional love! make sure to share this article and leave a comment below of your favorite mythical creature artists so in the future I can feature them here easy! [Our Forum Topic]


 Green dragon by MyOwnDragon


Loki Dragon by IzaPug

If Loki was a dragon… also this adorble dragon that was done by the same artist

Reaper Dragon (auction) by nyface

Reaper Dragon (auction) by nyface

Though I avoid auction pictures, since it was near halloween It seemed perfect to feature here


Dragon From The Shadows by Bertross

Dragon From The Shadows by Bertross

Its stated to be a work in progress but in my eyes its awesome! Also The Chinese Dragon Sketch is also a neat piece


Siamese Dragon Horse by Baizilla

Siamese Dragon Horse by Baizilla

Horse plus dragon equals badass… Ride into battle on this dragon!… may not fly but can clearly do damage!


Master and tha Ancient dragon^^ by aenaluck

Master and tha Ancient dragon^^ by aenaluck

Let this be the piece to tie it all together!, this human character, is on a whole new level of badassery!


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