I am sorry I haven’t posted a list for sometime now… I wanted to wait a few days before I made another dragon list… might do some other mythical creatures or do another sci-fi one. You can read our previous list [Here]

 Dragon of galaxies by XxCelestialDragonxX

Dragon of galaxies by XxCelestialDragonxX

 This dragon clearly reminds me of 70’s artist style I seen before… can’t go wrong with that.

Dragon Rider by Bri-in-the-Sky

Dragon Rider by Bri-in-the-Sky

 Well I will say one thing at first… how envious I am of that dude riding that dragon :I

Dragon by ivany86

Dragon by ivany86

 Boss Battle Theme anyone? because that how epic this whole piece is… I dunno about you but even if I die… At least the battle was glorious!

Deep Canyon Dragon by Pand-ASS

Deep Canyon Dragon by Pand-ASS

 COLOR!… who says dragons can’t be ready for a rave at any time. SO I MUST ADD THIS TO LIST! :3

Earth dragon by TheAzimuth

Earth dragon by TheAzimuth

 This gives me a strong nature vibe which I think is what the artist was going for… sharp claws for digging. I do like this piece as it reminds me of a chinese style and with dragons is pretty awesome.

Little Witch Dragon by Shemychan

Little Witch Dragon by Shemychan

 A adorable little sculpture I saw and wanted to share… perfect with halloween coming up.

Sheep-dragon by Anwaraidd

Sheep-dragon by Anwaraidd

Its a interesting take using a sheep and dragon combo, It does however look like a sheep that would be painful to pet.

Arkys by RubyFeather

Arkys by RubyFeather 

 This piece was a gift for a friend that designed the dragon… I will have to agree this dragon has badass written all over him.


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