As a poster for a few people for their listings for craigslist, I have come to a point where posting on it cost money to do… and this is just for normal posts made on real estate… Granted spam posts are annoying but with all the blocks, Limits and rules that are put in place I see 8+ posts by the same group for the same thing in the same category. I Personally hate that my work gets blocked because they added another rule or changed their system to fight spam but ulimatly fights their users. THIS IS WHY CRAIGSLIST IS LOSING TRAFFIC because businesses and people are using alternate ways to promote their goods, services and property.

1) IP Filtering…. in essence this would be a good thing but no, this means if your IP is outside the area of that your posting on craigslist system might automatically ghost and delete your post. You have to have someone setup a Proxy for you to post on the area you want.

2) keyword blocking…  If you use a personal account for posting but a business email in the post you can’t do that… the system sometimes picks up on it and will ghost the post… then moderators will manually delete. Even some combination of words will be blocked when they are legitimate 

3) category limitations… some categories require less than a amount of posts… yet you will see posts 15 times more posts for a single product, service or property yet your single post will be rejected in some way.

4) Phone number verification… Its pointless, this is another thing you can pay for a number for an account you want to post in. A number can be made available in any state or country so this is utter waste of time… It made sense back when craigslist first came online but now…. no.

5) Cookie trackers… normally this shouldn’t be a problem but craigslist likes to like many tracking cookies in your browser and you must FLUSH all your cookies even those for other browsers to catch you off guard.

6) Flagging… If you have enough flags on your post your post will be deleted…. even if the post is legitimate… getting a bot to flag became is strategy and allows posting warfare to occur… I understand flagging but this is why they need moderators to review it as soon many flags get up not just ghost the post and have the system handle it for them.

7) Moderation… yes they have some moderators but VERY LIMITED… they want to make more money by limiting their staff but they have their system handle most of the load… It seems blindsighted to just allow a system to handle the posts and allow issues to happen.

8) Too much attention… This is a issue when something gets too big and unable to keep customers of their site happy… craigslist alexa ranking has been dropping each month… its no longer the top 10 site it used to be. Craigslist is home to scams and spamming which it tries to get rid of but doesn’t work. Its a good reason why craigslist is dieing… Its adapting horribly with the times… and I assume it will be a thing of the past.

In conclusion try an alternative, they seems more in for the customers than themselves. You might get more leads and contacts when using these alternates.