For all you animators out there, I envy you for your talent and patience… I might be able to do what you do but its something or another why I can’t get into it… Something people don’t understand when someone taking their time with their animation and improving it to look better, feel better and do better. Something I feel needs to be placed out there so others can read and maybe have a newfound respect for. Animators… specially those that dabble in 2D hand drawn animations (which takes SO MUCH MORE TIME!) without the use of most technology… IE old diseny movies like “fox and the hound”, “sleeping beauty” and “snow white”… used this style and it wasn’t cheap to do so and took long time and many artists to finish the product.

 Two Videos that relate to this are these (quickly watch them):


So lets begin, in falconer02 .‘s video which was a QnA where the first few questions where complaining about how long a animation is taking and each episode took longer and longer to release.. which was the minecraft fan animation series “The Noob adventures” at the time though this series joined the machinima network on happy hour… Which however based on some videos of people getting less and less support with networks like that as they do infact bring more traffic, they take more of a cut which is sad because you’d think that the creator that took all the effort to make said content. So I assume that it took longer to make a videos because they wanted to leave the network and doing so was a hassle just to get a response.

Another part is they are improving the animation by using more software and in their QnA stated that a episode was lost because of a failed drive… Which is the worst thing can happen for a large project when the work is lost on tech error and failure. How do you explain to your audience that a episode was pushed back when you lost everything for an episode? People get angry and will say things like the creator or team has let them down. Shit like this happens and the only thing to do it and moving on. Thats why they have multiple drives and backup services to ensure that it doesn’t happen again… Learning from their mistakes which is good.

The Second video is from Harry Partridge which in my honest opinion is one of the best independent animators out there. Able to pull out old school animation like a beast of a machine… This is why he doesn’t do update videos til now he wanted to keep that illusion he was a machine with his adult themed animation series starbarians. Also his Song Parodies for like skyrim and elder scrolls online. Its surprising he isn’t more popular with subscribers but since he does more adult themed animations in some old school style I can see why he isn’t getting as many followers like Egoraptor but he normally gets his followers of the group show GameGrumps. So I really shouldn’t count him as his popularity isn’t just animation anymore but his work is very good and does mix his talents in his series “Sequelitis”

which does employ animation and honestly does get the same negativity as everything animation or even any content out there. Even some comments get very asinine that even people that would normally mock the creator in turn go after this comment like a pack of wolves… or an army of wolves, which sums up the internet pretty well.

Now, Ultimately I can’t change the internet… Only everyone together can do that, or your a politician with a hardon for large piles of money with other politicians with the same fetish. *COUGH* SOPA *COUGH* PIPA *COUGH* you get my point there. All I ask is to be bit more reserved in criticizing because honestly if they weren’t so good and people following them how are they doing this wrong. Unless people are attracted to drama that is bull.

TL;DR: Just understand content creators do take time to make something you enjoy, maybe tone down on your judgements abit and allow them to keep you entertained… If not, unsub and move on… Now if you excuse me I am going to watch another markiplier video… So share this article or comment below so I can feel the love…