When I started to play again… Honestly I was going to write a new review how I am starting to see some balance in their game as far as play to win vs pay to win. They started giving free day premium for 5 days on activity, Giving free duplicators for respawning in PvE game modes since the made player revive without one impossible and there was the v1.0.2 Patch update

I Logged on today… I get about a 60ms Ping to 180ms Ping before this patch came out and now I get 1000+ Pings in some games… Invasion mode was almost impossible to re-dock and I was considering suicide ingame to get back to the hanger… my ship kept spinning and random directions. I also got this in a PvP game where for some reason the people I where going against where extremely high ranked than me and a few games playing I had enough. Granted it was right after server updated but why in the hell is their game server and updating servers in the same cluster(I assume)?

I haven’t even tried PvE yet where most of the issues I am hearing about this patch is coming from… Income from PvE is greatly reduced because people are getting kits which can’t really be sold for a profit. The reward to play these PvE missions have pretty much been tossed out the window… Invasion Mode is clearly not very profitable if you don’t have high tier. If you die you lose all the minerals you Gained so far and if you are not able to locate a Probe to transport your goods for you (for a fee) then you got to fly all the way back and in a large frigate like a guard or Long Range… So PvE lost its luster.


Now Overall I can say that Star Conflict was starting to become a game not another EA fail clone… which has clear signs of it… DLC that has no reason to be there (getting 10% permanent boosts for paying money for it…. which is outrighteous) breaking a game than fixing it. Get it together Gaijin Entertainment, Because its a good reason why people are not really getting into your game.. Honestly even War thunder is pretty bad but star conflict is the worst MMO that has very decent design and gameplay but horrible business model.

I won’t say star conflict shouldn’t be played as it is very fun but that fun is pretty much annihilated once you get into it… The grind is bad enough… It just got worse. Now I may take a break from star conflict for now and play some retro games for now.