Now, Before people start shouting their favorite anime character in their personal rage as their character wasn’t named. There is good reasons why I adore this character and why I choose him as my favorite. Now there was many other animes I can also have favorite characters, like spike from cowboy bebop, The major for ghost in the shell, Kirito from Sword Art Online and even Inuyasha is in that list of considered anime characters.

Number One: Armstrong ability to make people cringe when he flexes… making others feel very uncomfortable in random times. Makes me crack up laughing because I am normally I feel uncomfortable around people in large groups like bars, clubs and such… So being on the other side pretty relaxing. Specially with people that are not real. its like they combined the monopoly man with a world class body builder and add some comic relief on the side.

in your face armstrong

Number Two: Armstrong understands the feelings of another person, respects them, He very nice person when he isn’t out to hunt you down! Like the vile miscreant you are!


Number Three: His fighting style normally not only elegant but Explosive as well… If it would be flying busts of his head or statue of himself… It might be egotisical but how he delivers it makes it feel so funny. otherwise he will make statues at the right moments… golden statue anyone?

armstrong statue

Number Four: His family, in brotherhood you get to meet his older sister… a General of Briggs and a ice cold character that I also love to no end… She can beat the shit outta alex anyday and that makes me love him even more. She can place him in a headlock like this… The gal is like 3rd of his size maybe 5th of his weight and can take him down in the armstrong manor without breaking a sweat… This makes Armstrong pretty balanced person… Since I do have a older sibling that would grind me into a fine paste if he was like that, and that makes me relate to this character more. Who doesn’t love a badass female character that breaks all the gender roles with a slide of her sword… ride a tank so she can get closer to hit her enemies quickly…. I wonder what the story would be like if you followed her story to understand her more. Why she became hard as diamond and cold as dry ice.

Alex vs general armstrong

Number Five: The reasons why the armstrong line has passed so much down for generations is a clear sign alone how much he considers family… But the line alone has become a major meme for generations and that should be more than enough reason to understand the elegance of this character. Its clear that the epicness has been passed down the armstrong line for generations. (maybe I created a black hole with that statement.)

Honestly this guy makes me feel so much better about life… Thats why he is my favorite