If anyone knows me, they should be aware that I LOVE DRAGONS!… If I was a knight and I had to save the princess… I’d save the dragon because dragons are cool :I

dragon drawing


Honestly this one was the first dragon image I saw today, a very interesting take making a very colorful dragon. I believe this dragon is the Persona of the artist that made it. Very nice work!
Dragon Sketch
I am getting an lionish vibe from this… this Inked piece is well detailed… I honestly can’t wait to come across this artist again! 😀

Dark Dragon Forest
A pretty badass dragon, If I do say so myself as this image does remind me of metal songs… It may not be as metal as the last image I have in this list but its no less epic. Beware dragon roams here…
Chocolate Dragon on plate
This Delicious Dragon made by WindieDragon proves that playing with your food does have its advantages.
dragon head frigures
These frigures caught my eye and looks very well done… I do like the Jewelery on the Red dragon, showing of the bling.

dragon flying
If hell was like this image… I would be excited and scared at the same time… the mouth alone would haunt my dreams… “AM gonna eat ya!”
Dragon Ocean Flying
I do like the enviroment on this art… gives the dragon a sense of movement and I can just image the ocean smells and sounds.
Eastern Dragon
Eastern Dragons are pretty neat design… though I prefer Western styled dragon I like how they made this.
Zora Dragon

 At first I was confused at the design til I saw the title and I got a huge “Ohhhhhh!” out of it… Its a reference to ‘Zelda: Ocarina of time’ Zoras where like a mix of dolphin and human characteristics combined together. This Dragon Design follows those characteristics… done very well.

Metal lava Dragon

Last but clearly not least design by oustins, Honestly this dragon is clearly so metal, metal isn’t enough to describe it… Its pretty much a dragon that lives near lava or even sleeps in lava to come out and protect its domain. Just Epic!

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