Bullies, Hate, Anger because what has been established is being changed and people can’t stand change… In these peoples mind they are told, heard or assume something because how they get it from others. This can be blamed on misinformation, Preference and Environment, which is clear sign where people get harmed because the argue to be better than others or show how strong they are but ultimately causes more problems than good. Specially when the Society promotes this or those that are out for attention get this and people get in their heads that its right to do horrible things to others.

 Let me go and talk about Zelda Williams… has returned to twitter because she won’t be bullied into silence over hateful people that didn’t understand her father that brought laughter and Joy to Billions of people in his lifetime. I Personally find it stupid that people do this and how they like taking easy shots at people… Why do people need to do this? where their brains still underdevelop that can’t feel sympathy for others and get a sick Joy trying to make others cry… But for us to change Society we must be stronger than our oppressors. 

Its clear that its not that we are easily offended its more than people like to push others further and further. Some that even get it from otheres do it to someone else because “Thats how it is.” or “Its fair.” 

“sometimes I feel a direct apporach, being that person stronger taller and scary person… that is allowed to act to stop bulling before it gets worse… All the ‘bullies’ get pulled into a class… one scared into understanding their actions are not acceptable or sending them to people that will remind them that actions that harm others isn’t healthy for them or others and they need to respect the feeling of others.”

But alas something like that may not happen… Because the weak will become dependant on the protection but without protection they are at risk of physical and Emotional damage that can last longer if such actions are permitted. To Change Society we must be vigilant.

Because if we don’t the Society we create from letting things go as they are… can become our downfall.