I bejoy a good webcomic and even old timers like garfield, calvin and hobbes and dilbert. Being a fan of 2d animation that comics would be within the realm of enjoyment. So here is a list and slight details about that comic. These are Webcomics I enjoy and have read… still on going!

Heavenly Nostrils [Family Friendly] (Genre: Modern Age Fantasy): Phoebe befriends a unicorn marigold and they go on adventures, talk about life and meet with other magical creatures… With Shield of boringness no one else seems to care about what going on with Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils.
Author: Dana Claire Simpson

Ozy and Millie [Family Friendly] (Genre: Modern Anthropomorphic): Ozy an adopted fox boy by his new father that is a dragon and Ozy’s cynical friend Millie talk about life and its plunders mainly on Ozy’s expense.  
Author: Dana Claire Simpson

Sandra and Woo[Light Mature Themes](Genre: Modern): What if you saved a animal that can speak clearly and understand you. Sandra did that and with her.
Author: Powree and Oliver Kn√∂rzer

Slightly Damned [Mild Mature Themes] (Genre: Fantasy): What happens when you die, and your soul isn’t considered good enough to ascend to heaven or evil enough to goto hell… you end up in the realm of the Slightly damned.
Author: Chu

TwoKinds [Mild Mature Themes](Genre: Fantasy): Forgotten his past, Trace must figure out his past… doesn’t stop shenanigans of others to get in the way of that, his best friend [REDACTED]
Author: Tom Fischbach

I AM ARG! [Adult Humor] (Genre: Modern): What do you get when you combine someone’s life, gaming humor, sexual humor, relationships, and ARG!
Author: Andrew Gregoire