Round 3, for more dragons this weekly list has seek out some gems on the internet! You can read our previous list [here]


  Crazy Little Runaway by jaclynonacloud


Artist Description of Piece:

This is a piece for xLugiaLuver1x, who has waited patiently, and I thank her for it.
It’s Isabelle and Balthazar, from her webcomic, Dragon’s Keep!  Read it if you have some time on your hands!

This is a very touching for my emotions… I might give Dragon Keep a read because this makes me wonder what happened. The Piece is very good in my eyes!

zBrush Dragon Illustration P1 by Brendavid


A render of a dragon head… I do like seeing 3D models detailed like this… how dragons would be with more realism.

Earth and Sky by Vinzul

Earth and Sky
by Vinzul

 Eastern and Western style in a single adorble piece.

Baruti by weremagus

Baruti by weremagnus


 A spyro the dragon character… I like how it was done.

 Dragon City by Kwiatek14

I thought this was a very interesting setup where a city is built where a dragon was killed or passed away…

Age of Fire Dragon Trio by Isvoc
by Isvoc
These are well shaded and drawn dragon busts… Not much else than follow this artist 😀

 Haku the Dragon - handpainted Paperfan by Ganjamira

Haku the Dragon – handpainted Paperfan
by Ganjamira

 I love Hayao Miyazaki flims specially spirited away and lupin the thrid. Oh man I forgot Lupin the thrid… I enjoy that silly character… anyway… this is a very nice piece! the fan itself is for sale by the creator. Maybe if your a fan of Haku you look into it… or not.



Dragon by ramsesmelendeze

SURPRISE!… final boss dragon as appeared… or a summon… I hope its a summon and coming save us.

Summer Celebration dragon design by rachaelm5

Summer Celebration dragon design
by rachaelm5

I saw this and was like, “Prefect last photo!, oooh the colors… its like a fiesta but with dragons…” 


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