Yes, anime art… I found 13 piece across 13 animes that I have watched, So I compiled a list for everyone to enjoy… All piece was published with 7 days of this article so make sure to follow the artists featured here if you like their work. 


Ghost In Her Shell by elsevilla

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex is first Serious anime I have watched… It take a realistic approach of the future and this artist has bought a good piece to the table. The Major is a very good character and it makes me interested in characters that have no relationship pull in a story… Just their own. They are not a Damisel in distress.

Kirito and asuna sword art online by TonyDaher

Sword Art Online, Blew me away how the story was setup… a world where if you die ingame you die for real! The Phyological strain it causes error and people died… Its another serious anime I enjoyed.
Detective conan / Shinichi Kudo by bluewater14
When it was show cased in america with a english Dub it was called “Case Closed” the main character was called “Jimmy Kudo” and I enjoyed so much that when It stopped being played in the united stated I started watching the Sub verison when it came online even went so far to watch the non-subbed episodes. 
One Piece by ChristianNauck
The episode where they started wearing the silly beards made me lose it as I rolled on the floor laughing.
Full Metal Alchemist Homunculus by amber-artwork
The Homunculus in this anime and its alternative make these characters where very interesting to me… mainly greed being a trianganist of the series.
  SIMON by Redropp
Gurren Lagann was… interesting that got me to watch the whole anime. Throughout the hole thing made my opinion go all over the place.
DEATH NOTE: a momentary sparkle by Starlitdragon
This anime justs says how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Kill La Kill by xong
by xong
To be honest I didn’t watch much of this anime… So I don’t have much to say about it other than its very popular.
Eternal Sailor Moon by riccardobacci
The second anime I watched when I was a kid… on cartoon network I watched a marathon… Like many female lead animes I kept watching… I think the theme song is engraved into my head.
Bleach x Haikyuu!! - 2 by Sideburn004
Bleach is one of the animes I got into with my cusions… when I was living with them.

 Zatch Bell by EdGoTru

I didn’t see all of Zatch Bell but it was a ‘cute’ anime with chibi characters with magic pwoers that require humans to activate them.
Soul Eater Group by tiggytiger2012


Soul Eater was good when I watched it…. after the hype died, I could see why this anime was so popular.. It had a ending unlike many other animes out there that are very popular.
 DragonBall Z - Vegeta by duskoy
by duskoy
first anime I ever got into as a kid, Vegeta was a interesting character when I got older… now they made him an interesting hero.

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