Robocraft is like playing kingdom hearts gimmi ship mode but you get attachments to drive, hover, fly and camp your way to victory in a arena against other players… and without heartless, no bodies… yadda yadda you get the picture. 

I been waiting for a game like this to come out… already it pretty much blown activity of world of tanks outta the water… games are quick paced and with the designing of the vehicle you are using is up to you so your small engineer in you will hopping around like it is a rodeo. Games are quick, on avg you will get in a battle within 10 secs since its latest update. This makes it very addictive… no waiting around for a game to place you in a match of equal teams… Tier levels matters on your “robot rating” which each block give. Progressing is very easy for the first 3 tiers.

Now this game has its downsides… you are limited to one weapon type per vehicle but you can have as many weapons you want… Since being EARLY ACCESS… there is a lot of crashing but now games get into battle quickly so it isn’t hard to get playing again. There is imbalance in weapons… mainly the plasma launcher and railguns. they eat though everything like its nothing and can instant kill if they have about 7-8 of the related tier level. I gotten very enraged when I turn around the counter and a railgun Satellite player killed me quickly. Since plasma and railgun are very strong weapons people don’t use the SMG weapon much… It isn’t weak just you can’t really bring on the DPS if your weapons or robot is killed… Aircraft is limited to blimps and airplanes… there isn’t helis but you can use hover attachments so its like a helicopter but you can’t get high off the ground so its a helicopter that hates heights.

Now this game has hype on it like no tomorrow and since beginning in development on steam as future changes are made will make this game a star or a dud… I for one will like to see more block types and a bit of balance…. maybe sentry weapon or cannons and turret blocks so you can make realistic-ish tanks and such. I hope it gets better soon but as it stands in my eyes 6.5/10 but I do recommend playing it to others. 

Now if you exuse me, I have a epic bomber to build to kill another satalite camper I will be facing in the next match.