Now, on the surface, your focused on one word most likely… A “Retard” or “Retarded” Mr. Jafari has made here in this context wasn’t malicious to the mentally/physically illed people but an service that clearly makes out a poor business strategy that promotes that Playstation is aiming to acquire more money for playing a game for a few hours… which is horribly designed idea and there is limited words that can clearly describe this idea within 140 characters.

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If not retarded, Its a very greedy service that want to make more money per hour playing than giving a discount for the full game. A Pay to Try system is clearly backwards thinking since we have rental but its daily… “What the Fuck” is perfect statement I would make at playstation as an customer I wouldn’t use this service. I would wait for the full game to be at discount on steam or goto a place like gamestop and get a used copy. Why should I pay for hours playing a game… Granted there is pay to play games like World of Warcraft, Eve online and more and those games have a free trial to get into the game but you buy a 30 day period. 

I’m less interested in his use of the word “Retarded” and more interested in Playstation’s horrible choice and find their idea/service as an design; thinking that people would be interested in paying for hours of play. Not everything can play a game in one setting and can beat it in a few hours… I think Jon was spot on when calling this service stupid to the extreme. I can’t find any other words out there myself out of frustration.

why don’t we take all the drama at JonTron and throw it at Playstation? because they need it… now!

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