Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

Now, lets take this in and understand what this means… this term I support as all Humans need to understand other sides than their own, because in the end we are all the same, other than differences… We are the same species and it makes me SICK to see people treat others less. What would you do if you woke up as the opposite gender… If killing yourself then maybe you should get things straight. 

Now I am going to PAUSE that part and turn around to something bugging me.

When a female, feels “Justice” needs to be given to all men, because they are all prevented or oppressive assholes… But that is Revenge for actions of a individual or group dedicated. Or a group of men that are weird or sexualize women… Now all humans have urges… which some can control or suppress but others have a hard time controlling them or those that let them go wild without considering harm they will be causing to themselves or others.

I consider RAPE a serious thing, and to THREATEN any women (and even men… it happens believe me) then these people are the core of humanity… It isn’t a metaphor… Its a action to act out on something to scare them. Humans use threats to make another backdown their stance in a aggressive manner…. 

And these women (Now some have some reasoning to their stance and actions… Men can be assholes but women can be as well since we are all human) feel that everyone needs to be punished for the actions of others… even those that are trying to fix the issue or help the cause to allow women have equal rights.

Now Let me give everyone a bit of history of Spartan women…. Spartan women where allowed in fact to fight back if their partner or another man acted horrible… Spartan women where very strong and respected. If you tried to RAPE a spartan women… She would FUCK YOU UP! and everyone would know how much of an asshole you were with the dagger wounds the next day proving not to cross with that woman *snaps fingers* ummmm MMM no be messing her, she will fuck you up.

Now there where also amazons but this means female superiority over males… I don’t agree with this either as this doesn’t solve the issue just places on the other side… this isn’t progress… Its congress BAM!

In the end, I hate both ‘extremists’ of the coin… I don’t want change to stop but be more civil… Because threats start where crimes begin. Women are not objects… Men are not all the same. I hope I made this clear… BECAUSE I AM SICK OF REPEATING MYSELF! stop making rape threats and stop blaming actions on everyone because they have the same gentals. Then if we can do that then we can we can focus on the major leap for humanity… which is SPACE!