Hello Everyone, I was looking around deviantart and thought it be neat to go outta my way and seek very good artwork that been made in August this year and place it here for all to enjoy and get a link back to the maker to give them a llama. like or follow! because its what I do!

Mecha-Bison and Decapre-Jaeger by tommasorenieri

If your a fan of mechs and streetfighter this is a very good piece here to look at. Gives a very strong transformers feel since Bison gives me a megaton vibe in this image. This has to be a ten outta ten for me.

Eve Online Character Portrait

Natasha by kalliikak

If no one doesn’t know me, I love Eve-Online… and this character Portrait is a very good one… worthy of being framed… 


Landscape by tatitati

This is a real beauty I saw on landscape in the month of August, it really stands out because of the beauty that was place in this piece… Its so epic…

Riding a horse


krynea battlefield by Manzanedo

Speaking of epic… this dude with armor on horseback… Pretty epic landscape… 


Ship. by duster132

Do I even need to explain here?… this was a speedpaint and it looks awesome!

fox forest


Mountain Forest by Tatchit

A commission that was made… I won’t lie… foxes are on my “things that are adorble” list… and when I saw it I wanted to place it here for everyone!



Space in Blue by QAuZ

The beauty of final frontier

pokemon battle

Exciting Battle by EUDETENIS

I knew if I didn’t include pokemon pieces of work I would feel like this list would be incomplete also this piece being a sketch is pretty neat. 

adventure time Marceline


Marceline – anime style by Vika01

I may not be the biggest Adventure time fan but this Marceline anime style image did catch my eye… therefore I placed it here for all to enjoy!



Nova – wallpaper by atryl

I seen atryl around on deviantart before and didn’t know that this was in the gallery of this artist… Nova is a very interesting character.



Five Nights at Freddy’s: Foxy by ItsOver900O

Since 5 nights at freddy’s was so popular this month I went ahead and thought for the last image lets get foxy in there… the speedy robot that everyone is annoyed to get… gonna keep watching him or be coming for your booty.

If you liked this list and would like to see more… please let us know by commenting below or if you got some content you wish to share leave us a message at [email protected]