Tesla Model III mockup


If no one else knows yet, If anything makes me want to scream on the top of the highest hill in arizona well anywhere for that matter is Tesla’s cars specially long range and electric basis which allows drivers (rich drivers because to own one you got to pay like over 190k for a single car and I believe the monthly payment is like 900+ a month) I want this car… Anyway… I learned something interesting about the name of the Model III and it makes me chuckle… Well more like laugh loudly that my neighbors might have thought I am insane.

Source: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/tesla/87867/tesla-model-3-to-challenge-bmw-3-series-world-exclusive

Which the Model III would have been named the Model E for a joke tesla’s founder Elon Musk made to have all models of tesla to spell out  S E X but now it will only be S III X… clearly Ford has ruined sex for everyone, I rounder how long till ford customer reps start getting calls how they ruined their marriages. Anyway Its good to know that rich execatives have humor… Elon Musk is a clear example of rich people that are awesome… Like batman ,Tony Stark and batman… or bruce wane

But this is what I know so far of Model III, its going to be a less expensive than the model S and Model X… It will have less range than the other models and more compact in size… I am unsure of a price but I wish for a 45k price tag… but I assume it 55k range… if they get it down to 30k than I know what car I want very soon! 

A few reasons why I want tesla car is:

  1. There been only one known fire since its release… unlike other vechiles this is very good since tesla been pumping out model S for years.
  2. Superchargers are free at tesla stations… I wonder how much you paid at the pump.
  3. Tesla cars have good range that some vechiles gas mileage…
  4. Energy sources for powering come from clean(er) source and changes everyday

Other than the high price tag. I want this car.