Wurm Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Fantasy Survival game. Where you can build a house from the gound up, make tunnels and even slay the mightiest of beasts (If you grind your way to the top) Notch the developer of minecraft had a hand in making this game in a team of developers. 

Wurm Online is a Try and Play… I say this because of the limits placed on you to get started in the game… all the skills you can train have a max of 20 (some skills have other limitations) and your limited to what you can do. Grinding is almost as bad as runescape but you get more free movement… except for jumping and flying, The combat system is based on % of damage… 100% damage is death… some wounds require treatment and bandages to get healed or keep you from dieing. Unlike some survival games (and since I was on a non-pvp server) dieing has little issue if you are part of a village and died near it or near a allied village you can respawn and grab it quickly.. if not and far from a village you can take the long trek to get your body and if your skill is good enough not die again in the process. 

This game, Wyrm Online allows the environment to reclaim its land if maintenance of structures isn’t maintained. Everything can decay and break to unusable status… like weapons and armors… Food can go bad and unable to be eaten. Farming is very important in this game and setting up a place to farm is very important. Wyrm takes a strong sense of realism to a game than any game I have played yet in a fantasy world. There is a lot of things to make and do… yet there is a grind but normally most skills have multiple tasks that can level up that skill. Like Carpentry and Masonry which makes grinding far less boring but still an issue. (I overlook as its trying to maintain a sense of realism)

Another thing I do like about this game is that other players can pay you to do tasks for them… like making stone bricks or planks… it matters on the amount of actions you have to do… the more actions the most value that item has… Some Items have more worth as well if they are harder to make or require high skills to make them but in this case a person makes offers to newer players to get the permium coins to get permium character so they can keep building up their skills further. 

In the end, I would recommend this game to others. Its fun in a group and if you like surival realism with fantasy in it… its worth giving it a shot.