The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 edition is one of the greatest keyboards I have ever used. This piece of finely crafted technology is an amazing thing to have. The motion behind the BlackWidow is wrapped in a lot of technical talk when you go to the main pain page on the Razer website. It talks about the switches it has and why it will last a long time coupled with the fact that it has a green black light. To break it down each key on the BlackWidow Ultimate has a mechanical switch under while other traditional keyboards either gaming or standard have electronic switches. Electronic switches can only input of around three keys, having a mechanical keyboard allows up to 10 key presses without ghosting or jamming. Ghosting or jamming occurs when a keyboard doesn’t register the third key when four keys are pressed. With ghosting out of the way these keyboards can last a lot longer having a mechanical mechanism for each key. These spring controlled keys let anyone reset each key pressed at a certain point. You can see it at if you want to learn more about how it works. For this review I will give you a quick rundown, to reset the key when you let up without removing your finger from it the key will go back to the off position faster. This is good for fast key typists and gamers because if you are using the same keys at a fast rate like WASD you can hit it more times faster without lifting your finger all the way up. My favorite and one of the most talked about features of the keyboard is the fact that the mechanical switches click like an old type-writer. This can be annoying for some or too loud for people using sensitive mics but really adds a great satisfying keystroke. I have bene typing more with this keyboard just because I can hear it and it makes me want to keep on typing. It comes with five micro keys that you can program to whatever you want with ease. The way to program the keyboard is easy, once it is plugged in your pc will install Razer’s synapse 2.0 which is cloud based software that will remember everything you use it with. This goes with any other Razer products you buy and will remember your presets either at your house or a friend’s house. Besides the five customizable keys there are keys that have presets built in, these range from multimedia keys to gaming keys. Last but not least the keyboard is back-lit, this back light is green only but is customizable with its brightness. Besides brightness you can also set the keys to blink, between you and me I like it to blink when I’m AFK or going to sleep don’t ask me why! The USB cable it comes with is braded for long lasting protection and has two USB heads for the USB port on the side and a mic and headphone port so you can plug your headset into the keyboard. That’s the gist of the keyboard, the price of it is $139.99 USD on the Razer website. If you want fast two day shipping (if you have prime) or don’t mind driving to a store you can either buy it on or go to BestBuy and pick one up. If the keys clicking are a big problem for you then you can get the stealth edition for the same price.

Now the Pros and Cons


  • Fast
  • Enjoyable
  • Long lasting
  • USB port up close and personal
  • Comfortable
  • Macro keys/ preset keys


  • Can be loud
  • Only green for back-light
  • A little pricy