One thing I hate the most, I bet there many that would agree with me, car commercials styled like movie teasers. 


Now at first time I saw it, it was clever but a type of clever that shouldn’t be repeated. There is a charm to it but when you seen it once but you take that ‘charm’ and use it again over 5 or more times… It gets old fast. Now the only times I normally see ads are on non-videos and this commerical is playing over and over again. Its annoying like a child is poking you when your reading and you about to shout at the child for continueing to disturb you.

Now these movie styled commericals also use cheap movie tricks to make it… Not like the first one I saw, which I thought it was about a real movie til the end. This one video it was way to abvious that it was about a truck and calling it their “sercet weapon” …. uuhhhh sorry but that was a joykill for me even when I was annoyed I saw this commerical over 10 times today… Why do I watch videos on hulu anymore. 

What about you? whats your feeling about these commericals? leave a comment below!