Hello, I am interested in getting affiliates and partners with my network to help it grow and my affiliates… This means I would be more inclined to link your blog articles on my site as I been increasing my traffic from reviews and responses to internet content often. I also provide cheap hosting for small blog sites and tech support for those that need it.

A Affiliate would:

  • would have a mutual backlink to our site on bottom of our page (we require a affiliate to do the same on their blog)
  • News feed from your blog/Website/channel
  • Followed by related social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook)
  • A constructive Response when deemed necessary (further increase backlinks to source article responding about.)

I do welcome blogs a affiliates of many views and points, with mature writers that wish to get more attention. Becoming a affiliate allows me to be aware of your content but also try and spread it to others so you can get feedback.

TAKE NOTE!: Even if you don’t have a blog or written content but have other forms of media don’t hesitate to contact me.

If your interested please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a subject called “[Affiliate Request]” so I know it isn’t spam.