If you been around you should have heard the tales of mighty gaming companies rising to power. Each having a major title (or many) to their name. I am going to review two companies, CCP Games and Blizzard Entertainment. If you are a gamer you would have heard of these companies or at least their games by now. They have major MMOs developed under their company and I like to see in comparison how they fair in many factors in this review.

Blizzard Entertainment is the elder in this review having 2 Predecessors to its name, 1991 as Silicon & Synapse, 1994 as Chaos Studios and later in 1994 they became blizzard Entertainment. In 2009 Blizzard was bought out by Activision, so Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and Onward. Before they even made 2 games for the Super Nintendo, which are “blackthrone” and “The Death and Return of Superman” so they had some projects to get them started on the warcraft universe, so happened to be the driving income to open new universes to reach a wider audience. Other than World of Warcraft it seems Blizzard trying to develop a Sci-fi MMO called Titan, and with me having very limited details on the subject I would assume its a challange to CCP Games “Eve-Online” but it might be more rivaling “Star wars the old republic” if it allows more RPG elements on planets and growth. Which wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard noticed how well CCP Games is doing and wish to do dive into that audience as well. 

Overall Blizzard Entertainment is good in development and I heard many stories how people would click once to buy a game and they ordered 12…anger over correcting the errors because the site loaded slow in comparison to other sites. With a very large gamer base from their main universes I would assume many issues that makes their Game Masters want to strangle the most moronic questions they heard for the 15th time. I heard of the tales of game masters takes a few hours a week to answer questions… manage civil issues between players to get free game time in return… Which I believe is the norm for many MMO games so I can’t blame them to save money by getting volunteers to help with the influx of support. I also seem to notice nothing about any grumpy employees or mistreatment on basic search online, so based on that I bet they pay well and most offer medical.

Now its time for CCP Games, which was founded in 1997, which isn’t much younger than Blizzard Entertainment. Unlike Blizzard, CCP been mainly focusing on Eve-online and in comparison pretty small in the users overall but has been renown for having a single cluster for the players in the game universe. It has been the main universe and only one they currently working on other than their projects… DUST 514 which is on console right now take place in the same universe as eve-online. In its beginnings, they developed the “Danger Game” which was a main income to get eve online started. CCP Games has cancelled another MMO which was called World of Darkness which was cancelled because of issues on eve online and most of the staff for this project was moved over to DUST 514 once major at the time was completed. Many don’t know but EvE stands for Everyone verses Everyone and made a interesting and risk world to play in as even actions in the game world do infact impact the world we live in quite a bit… from major battles like R5RB which is the most “GAMING’S MOST DESTRUCTIVE BATTLE EVER” in this Article on Eve Online’s Dev blog. I don’t hear something like that from other MMO’s and most of the MMORPGS that come close are pretty limited in battle… they pick the locations for you.. You are balanced in even number of teams which is ideal for most MMOs but not for Eve-online… because Eve-online is in fact a sandbox game where all events are directed mostly by the players.

Having said that Eve online is like my favorite MMO ever… It would seem that I would side with CCP Games on this but no… CCP Games has a nice game but has HORRIBLE employee stories… like working long shifts programming, developing and otherwise without breaks (granted I haven’t heard anything recently about CCP Games’s employees treatment) it was pretty bad… Now they would be paid less and demand they meet hard deadlines that causes a lot of stress… It seemed at the time employee’s turn over time was very quick… some quitting outright within the first few months… It was years ago since I read or heard about this when I was considering of applying for a intern position and be in iceland which was a dead stop in its tracks. There been a lot of productivity nowadays so I would assume high management took charge and cleaned up their staff so these issues might have been resolved but I am unsure. 

In comparison both companies have conventions they host… Fan Fest for Eve online and Blizzcon for Blizzard… obviously blizzcon has far more attendees than Fanfest as its more for eve online players and stated before eve-online compared to WoW is smaller in overall players. Now I have seen more numbers attending Fan Fest and maybe in the future it be on par or better than blizzcon. 

TL;DR: Blizzard Entertainment gets the medal on this review, they have a larger gamer base than Eve Online… But Eve Online has stuck with staying the course of aiming for a hardcore-ish gamestyle and doesn’t mean they lose… just not out yet and I can see them being at blizzards level or better soon.

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