Now, before you leave me here ya’ll rude like… let me explain I was playing this game when it first came out but just recently bought it myself a few days ago.. Its the only reason I installed origin on my computer. I enjoy this new installment but not without grivence with the features in this one. 

in this verison of sim city, your cities are limited later in the game… you have to make multi-cities to get far… if you go “Cities of tomarrow” Expansion pack then you can do more with Megatowers. Maglav and such. sim city 5 or sim city online is like a redux than a new generation… because it seems you can do lightly less with this generation… Modify the world is pretty limited… and it seems that if done right the game is pretty easy to get to a metropolis and beoned.

Now this is the first sim city that is multiplayer and to me is better than single player… I like interaction with a human player as much as possible to achieve goals and get farther than before… me and my family have gotten so far as getting a great works half way done so far but still need more work to get it done. As well granting the use of your services to get a town runing helps… the first city is generally the hardest because no services to get from others but if your friend works together with you then some of these services you don’t need to get. Divide and conquar your citizens demands to quickly build up your income and upgrade services you need.

Now this is one thing I hate about Sim city 5, highway enterances… they can’t be modified to what I know, there could be a mod out there to allow more roadways… but this gets annoying when you have one enterance and no matter how you lay out the road it seems like gridlock happens to a point that the cars are backed up for miles….. I bet if I planned it out better at start I wouldn’t have this problem but its clear that one enterance or two isn’t enough or the use of ramps off of avenues would be quite handy. Its the only thing that annoys me.

Homeless is the second thing that bugs me but its not hard to fix… make sure to pick up all the garbage in your town and reduce the tax to a point where they will re move in to a home and jobs opening up for them to get work. After that I really have no real complaints.